What is Performance Incentive Grants (PIG)?

Nagaland Education Project seeks to improve community ownership and engagement in the management of Government schools in line with the Nagaland Communitisation of Public Institution and Services Act, 2002. The active participation of the community through School Management Committees (SMCs)/School Management and Development Committees (SMDCs) is one of the key factors in the performance of Government schools and improvement of learning environment. Therefore, in order to strengthen their capacities, the project aims to give financial support to eligible SMCs and SMDCs across the state. This financial support is called Performance Incentive Grants (PIG).


  • To improve learning environment in Government schools
  • To strengthen the capacity of SMCs / SMDCs to enhance their ownership and responsibility
  • To strengthen community engagement and participation in the school management

Who can apply?

PIG is available only for SMCs and SMDCs of all Government schools across Nagaland – primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and higher secondary schools. Individuals and NGOs or any educational organizations other than SMC/SMDC will NOT be eligible to apply.


  1. SMC/SMDC should be constituted as per Government guidelines
  2. Annual School Development Plan should be in place
  3. Financial record of the development plans executed should be in place


All the SMCs/SMDCs across the state will be invited to apply for PIG. The applications received will be reviewed based on the pre-conditions, quality of applications, geographical targeting and batch limits on school categories.

Qualified and shortlisted SMCs and SMDCs for the first batch will have to undergo a mandatory capacity building programme. This will include:

  • Workshop on governance and responsibilities of SMCs/SMDCs
  • Needs assessment exercise
  • Trainings on project management, monitoring, financial management, etc.
  • Preparation of PIG proposal (action plans)

SMCs/SMDCs that finished the capacity building workshop will have to submit their respective PIG proposals. The proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Project Management Unit (PMU). All selected SMCs/SMDCs will have to open separate NECTAR bank accounts. Finally, an MoU will be signed by each SMC/SMDC with the PMU and the first instalment of PIG will be disbursed.


Grants will be given to the schools in instalments every six months for two years to implement the approved proposals. A supplementary batch has been created to enable the schools that failed to qualify or apply for the grant previously to avail of it. The shortlisted schools in the supplementary batch have begun to receive the grants.

The Project Management Unit (PMU) of NECTAR and the P3 Agency conducts timely monitoring and field inspections, to ensure that the School Management Committee (SMC) and School Management and Development Committee (SMDC) of each school are implementing the development plans as proposed. The PMU along with the District Project Assistants of all the sixteen districts also conduct PIG booklet evaluation for each instalment twice a year. The final assessment of performance in each instalment is also carried out by Area Administrative Officers in all sixteen districts to verify and issue a completion certificate that is mandatory for receiving the next instalment of the grant. Based on the performance of the SMC/SMDC in a particular instalment, the next instalment will be given out after the rigorous review process.

PIG Application Form can be downloaded here.