Improving System and School Management

The first component will seek to focus on strengthening and improving the school management systems through increasing efficiency and implementing technology wherever possible to bridge gaps.

Enhanced Teaching and Learning Environment

This component seeks to provide a roadmap for school improvement and enhance the teaching and learning environment, including but not limited to classrooms and the context in which students learn. It will look beyond to encompass the entire school, including its physical and non-physical characteristics. The project component also focuses on enhancing the learning environment through a holistic approach encompassing the entire learning arena from the curriculum and schools to the teachers and students as well.

Technical Assistance

This component will finance ongoing monitoring, impact evaluation and third-party assessments of project activities and outcomes, undertake immediate COVID-19 response measures and support enabling activities such as communication and capacity building of state level institutions for effective and efficient resourcing, implementation, and sustainability of the project.

The project components are expected to pilot several innovations in teacher management, community-accountability, and improving classroom transactions. The project will develop and implement innovative models for technology integration, decentralized management of education systems, and community driven accountability mechanisms.