Community participation under PIG NECTAR | GPS Nokyan B

GPS Nokyan B, a school in the far-flung district of Noklak, is making great strides in line with NECTAR’s objective of enhancing community participation in government schools.

With help from the second instalment of the Performance Incentive Grants (PIG) under NECTAR, the school was able to repair and paint the walls of their Pre-Primary classrooms.

After school hours and on holidays, the community and teachers would come forward in an overwhelming show of camaraderie to help paint the walls as well as the intricate Building as Learning Aid (BaLA) art. The village millowner also planed the wood, free of charge.

Water pipes donated by the community were used to provide tap water connection in three school toilets.

When the school went around the village for the enrolment drive, the community provided free refreshments, helping the school redirect their funds towards the benefit of the students.

All these contributions greatly helped the school cut down on the cost of materials as well the labour costs. (Photo Credit: @districtadministrationnoklak )

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